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Reviews for "Hook Shot"

good work

good work i love it i keep playing it on my wii always i come and play this the controls are great
keep up the good work

pixelz responds:

Its intriging how its more fun playing internet games on the wii... lol. Thanks for the review!

Very fun and very addictive

I wunna know how far you have to go before you get to a new level please. i just need that other wise great game make one with better graphics and more people

pixelz responds:

500 meters to lvl 2, 1000 to lvl 3 and 2000 to lvl 4 and it keeps progressing. Stops at lvl 9 but you can still keep getting further. A friend of mine found the glitch and kept it going for 50, 000 meters at school. I was thinking about making one with Samus actually.

its really fun on wii

this was awsome on the wii and because its zelda even better 5rlz


i love these games i could play this forever!!!


This is SOOOOOOO! SOOOO fun! My record is 400.