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Reviews for "This Is Halloween (Heavy)"

i luv nightmare b4 xmas

i didn't think you could make this song more awsome, but u proved that you can!
Dude whats your clique? i'm just a misfit

its good but not good enough to download

i like this song, but it is still to me not good enough to download

Its ok, not as scary as the orginal

and you really have to make it longer, more epic. And the snaredrum or what it was, is kinda annoying.

But good work. I love NbC

i fell off my chair and on my head

then made a hole in the ground then i climbed back up and i heard it down in the hole THAT IS SO AKWARD! still its teh bomb...

Pretty good...

But it wasnt long enough tbh im srry its still a good song but it has to be a little longer than this ><