Reviews for "Bill Murry The General!"

Is it me....

or was that a subliminal message you were TRYING to do at the end saying "Lol, Vote 5" inbetween the loops of the MS Paint-ness over Billl Muray's face.
It was quite kl at the beginning, but then you did the stupid voice over with the words and the stupid MS Painted face.
Not Impressed.

Not completely bad

First off, let me get this out of the way, I hate The General, it seems to be the only song anyone knows from Dispatch. Admittedly, it's good, but they've got better. But that's not the reason you only got four stars.

First off, the audio quality wasn't very good, and it's not my computer I know that for sure. Secondly, the first part looked like you at least put effort into it, but afterwords, yeah, it just seemed like something you threw together in 5 minutes.

Try to improve on your skills, and please, try to come up with something with a little more originality. And before I forget, I like to think there's a reason that Dispatch doesn't have music videos, they want people to interpret the songs in their own way. But that's just my opinion.

And if anyone hasn't stopped reading/hating me after "I hate The General", I really hope you'll take what I said in mind when you do another flash, I really do look forward to seeing what you can come up with

too short

you know, the animation was realy awesome....but there wasnt much of it....good scores but low overall because they were only good for the small portion I saw.