Reviews for "Bill Murry The General!"

Every week is Bill Murray week!

Nice lil flash ya got there.


Eaichu the GENERAL!!!

Werd to yo mutha


Sensu-clock responds:

<(''<) ^('')^ (>'')>

Started good ended scary

Yeah liked it very creative extramly creepy and will have to watch other things so I don't have nightmare but it is better then lots of the bill stuff that has been submited. But yes scary very scary... But yeah make a second one cause you have talent and ideas and your using your talents in a good way so keep up the good work. And yes I could understand you and hear you good.

Sensu-clock responds:

Hey thanks dude, yah I really wanted to finish the whole thing, nicly and not a spam flash, but today was the last day I could submit, so bleh. thanks.


^^Good Points^^
When this first started playing I was pleasantly surprised to hear that song "General" by Dispatch. Has to be one of my favorite songs in my life. You actually started out making a pretty good movie out of this. The Bill Murray general looked pretty funny, and the animations were true to the storyline.

^^Needs Improving^^
However, I was then quite disappointed when I saw that the end was a so early, though I was expecting no less. I guess that next scene was kind of humorous, mainly because of the alien Bill Murray you drew.

Sensu-clock responds:

Thanks. Im finishing the rest of it now, this was just so it would be in time for Murry week. The General is one of my favorite songs also.