Reviews for "Bill Murry The General!"

Is it me....

or was that a subliminal message you were TRYING to do at the end saying "Lol, Vote 5" inbetween the loops of the MS Paint-ness over Billl Muray's face.
It was quite kl at the beginning, but then you did the stupid voice over with the words and the stupid MS Painted face.
Not Impressed.

too short

you know, the animation was realy awesome....but there wasnt much of it....good scores but low overall because they were only good for the small portion I saw.

Started good ended scary

Yeah liked it very creative extramly creepy and will have to watch other things so I don't have nightmare but it is better then lots of the bill stuff that has been submited. But yes scary very scary... But yeah make a second one cause you have talent and ideas and your using your talents in a good way so keep up the good work. And yes I could understand you and hear you good.

Sensu-clock responds:

Hey thanks dude, yah I really wanted to finish the whole thing, nicly and not a spam flash, but today was the last day I could submit, so bleh. thanks.