Reviews for "Hummer Rally Championship"

great game

this game is great. it takes a little bit to load but well worth the wait. congrats on making a great game.

great game, like the music to it aswell.

the graphics to the game were good, but i would say that the camra veiw may need to be revised.
style- having hummers to race in, that would be the last car i'd pick for a race, but when everone has a hummer, its even, also hummers are one of my favourite cars.
sound- music was great, and different for each track.
violence- no violence in the game, except when you try and shift other cars out of the way and just knock yourself off course, i liked that.
interactivity- i felt that because you actually control the cars, the interactivity is great, but i think that the computer controlled cars could make some mistakes hile racing, otherwise they would just take the same racing line every time unless you bumped them.
humor- hummer and racing does not go in tghe same sentance, thats why its so bloody funny! it gets funnier when you bump the computer cars, untill you realise your just rebounding off them!
overall i would give this a high 9


This a great game, reminds me of those racing games in the arcade (which I always loved). Musics not my taste but the graphics are great. Tends to get a little boring and there are quite a few laps. Overall though it's awsome!

Great game!!!

Haha the hummers are really fast :D 180km/h haha :D

Volume can't be adjusted?

Great game but the music couldn't be turned off in the menu! :o Just irritating! Oh and hummers getting up to 180 km/h? Ha, that would fun to see. :)