Reviews for "Hummer Rally Championship"

Bad game

This game is very very bad.Here are my top 3 reasons:
1- The camera is rotates in a very weird way.
2- The cars themself aren't drawn very well but you
should make atleast 3 diffrent cars(one has bigger acceleration the other has a higher top speed and the third an average and then you could also make an unlockable hummer that would be the best of them)
3- The reality is that a hummer cant go 180 kmh through without losing any speed(if you dont go on the grass of course).


how did this game make it on the front page, its as boring as hell and the music doesn't fit, it just makes playing it annoying, and each track was basically the same but with a few different trees!!!


That, was awesome! I've always wanted to make 3D flash games... I have only accomplished to make fake 3D games... I know, that wasn't pure 3D, but awesome! The fake was too good to be true...

the graphics

were very good but like the last guy said y does the grass slow u down. also u should add more races and upgrades. like buying new engines, parts stuff like that. should also make different varieties of vehicles. other than that the game was ok

Is a bit dull

I have to say it is a bit dull, nothing really thrilling to get stuck into, if you got far behind you had no chance of catching up, and what really puzzled me is the fact of why it slowed the car down when you went on the grass, its a HUMMER, like, biggest 4x4 on the planet, surely it can maintain the same speed on somegrass for a shortcut?!