Reviews for "Hummer Rally Championship"

I like the soundtrack

I never do this but two things I think would make this game cooler: Visual damage I think that would be good because its a 3D game and all and secondly make the collisions more realistic it was really annoying getting bounced about! Other then that theres nothing wrong with this game =D Enjoy it ppl

it needs to get better

its an ok game and i like it but try to make it more realistic

good one

i've plaed a lot of driving and racing games before, but this one here was pretty nice and original with using Hummer's. i don't think i've seen any driving/racing games that just used Hummer's... very original and very fun.

nice job on this, and glad to see it win an award too.


It's about time someone drifted away from the conventional top-down view of most flash racers out there. The pseudo-3D perspective is pretty cool, but it comes at the expense of HORRENDOUS load times. That had to be at least 64+ high-resolution JPEGs loaded per track and took well over two minutes to load even on a broadband connection. The controls are tight and responsive, but there should be less grip (I'm sure you've seen just how sideways cars are in a real rally race). Overall not bad though, but the music selection just annoyed me. Good work.

it's great.

i think the graphic is so cool,but the game is simple.there is no challenge.