Reviews for "Hummer Rally Championship"

A pity I am truly no good at this. If I was, I would have given it half a star higher. I still really appreciate how well this game is done. It mostly works because the graphics are so good. I have never played a game that had this good perception. It probably is more realistic.

I appreciated the music too. You could have probably had some more designs with the cars. Then again, that was probably too difficult here. I liked it, even though I'm not much into racing games. I just think they're more suitable for arcades than online.

This is a pretty fun game, with the same style of graphics as the 3D racing game but refined controls, it seems. I like the fact that you threw in an option to play two players on the same PC, as well, that adds a lot to the replayabaility, and the graphics are superb, just as last time. Keep it going!



Although this game has nice graphics, the speed of both your own, and the AI vehicles makes this game impossible to play.


the system works so much better than your other 3d racing game this very good but i couldnt sit down and play this for a good half hour

Cool arcade racer

although this isnt any granturismo i still liked it, it reminds me of playing with hotwheel cars for some reason lol