Reviews for "Captain Capitalism: NRC"

Excellent cartoon

Really i rarely see anything insightful on this sight, and this is actually shaping to be an excellent parody of our societal values, and the animation was superb. Why waste your time here with this standard and calibre of humour, when you could be out there in a more mainstream media outlet. I'm glad you choose to not only denagrate communism, but also capitalism, its very difficult for us capitalists to understand what communism is when it is so villianised but our society. I hope that however you don't make unfair criticisms of the inherently noble values applicable to a communist lifestyle, such as loyalty to one's country. Anyway fantastic work here, and keep it free as long as possible.

captcapitalism responds:

Thanks for the kind words. And I dig the newgrounds format, your stuff gets a lot of views and people are not afraid to say what they think.

As far as not making fun of the "noble values" of communism. I cannot promise anything.

Nicely done.

Come on Captain Capitalism, kick that commy's ass!

Very cool

This was great hope to see more soon. The style is cool.



captcapitalism responds:


The best!

Well,sir!You are one of the best painters I have ever seen so far...I can see you can do very cool things on this...If I was so talanted like you I was going to make animations but in more professional programs like...toon boom and other pixar..... you just got talant and you better search for goot company like walt disney and Pixar they are searching for guys like you!GOOD LUCK!I wish you the best!!!