Reviews for "meatwad arMOONgeddon"


i give it a 8 just becauz.

OK game

Classic style gaming, old feel to it.. I felt that the projectiles were in too much of an abundance inorder to get very far in the game. Very challenging, I am color blind also so that could have something to do with how not far I got... Good show to base a game off of though, I love Aqua Teen Hunger force... "Nyumgai Jamboo Nyumgai" (Frylock)

i love this show

this is one of my favorot shows (for anyone that dosent know the show its auqateen hunger force and u can watch it at 1:00 am any week day on chanel 555 if u got bell)the intro was funney but the game its self wasn't very good =(

and misfit meatwad is wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy more famus then pico its been on tv for 8 years now and is very populer!!!

u should probly make movies instead of games i think ud b beter at them
if u make any movies id like to c them


who ever made this chould have a day for him like pico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
meatwad is the man!!!!!!!!!!


Nice work;loved the part where shake blew himself up