Reviews for "meatwad arMOONgeddon"

Cute little game!

Okay, being ATHF to start with is major style points right there.

The sound is excellent. You found some damn good songs from those old Konami games, and the bits you sampled from the actual show are a real treat.

The fact that you ripped the graphics from the actual show is another big plus. I had to turn the quality way down, which was annoying, but I think that may just be my shitty machine. Flash never works right on this thing.

The damn game is really, really hard though, and I couldn't beat it without the code, and even then it took me two tries (which may be more of a testament to how badly I suck than anything else). I'm amazed no one else has posted the code, and as such, I don't intend to, now that it has been revealed unto me.

Overall though, I think this is a damn fine game and that it's been underrated thus far by people who can't either figure out the code or be good enough to beat it the hard way.

cool one

that was an interesting game. it was a little simple, but it was fun, nice graphics in this one, decent gameplay and it was a good time killer.

You have great flash talent

to bad the game wasent that good
make ATHF movie shot parady ur graphics were grrrreat.


it wasnt good enough to earn much i gave it a 1...

its a nice work of flash

cant say its bad or great but u got a 3 from me