Reviews for "meatwad arMOONgeddon"

A fairly good game with good music.

This game is good and the music is also good with good humor in it. I liked the send up of the N.A.S.A rocket launch sequence. But at the start screen what the heck is that Indian/pakistani/Bangladeshi/Kashmiri (Sorry I do not know which nationality this voice belongs to they all sound the same when they speak English to me.) man talking about.

Even on the easy setting it seems slightly hard. It only really gets extremely difficult on the end of level Two bosses (there are Two of them. I can not remember their names.) this is because of the keyboard controls have been configured for left handed people which is ok. But right handed people also play video/computer games.

Having said all this I had a fairly long break from video/computer games so I will never be as good as I was in the early to late 1980's.


1-10 i would give this a 20 it is that good of a game, hard and great humor be meatwad and conquer aqua teams enemies AWESOME GAME a HAVE TO PLAY.

nice game

its a great game. lot of funn. very challenging. it would be nice 2 have pause.


its too much like galaga ( or what ever its called) a little hard and broing but funny and its interative i would play it more but whatever....

kinda hard but awsome

it was like galaga, which is like one of my favorite oldschool games. but here's some idea i think u need to add...

extra lives for earning enough points (i didnt get that far maybe u have the feature and i just wasent good enough lol)

and like checkpoints/continues for like if u die, u can use a continue to start from the last cheeckpoint achevied

other than that it was a great game :)