Reviews for "meatwad arMOONgeddon"

code hint-

take the quote 'famous code' literally.

if you can beat the game without it, you'll get another hint.
oh, and id suggest reading the other reviews.
its not nintendo related, or sega, i think. heres the hint:
--Solid Snake--
Now think!

nice job

lol! i give it a 9, the sound effects and im a big fan of ATHF , i lov it, i agree with smiley,i think adultswim would be interested


HAHA thts the music from sunset riders on sega..nicee.... and ill give it 7 stars jus cause i like ATHF!! lol

Thats a pretty bad ass game!

Have you tried selling this thing to adult swim?


i cant get ith games to work on my computer 4 some reason
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!
but ill give it 2 stars 4 the game pic