Reviews for "Dragon Fist 3"

Deep fighting system!

The amount of variation within the fighting system is amazing, and with so many characters weapons and styles, it never gets old! The 'edit character' feature is well done too. The only real gripe i had (aside from the occasional slowdown) was that the weapons seemed to be more of a hindrance than a help. Then again, I just got thoroughly owned by a guy who picked up my staff, so maybe I haven't quite figured out the best way to use it!

Graphics: 9 - Even though the backgrounds/models are simple, they fit the style of the game, and the animations are great.

Style: 10 - Very cohesive throughout, nothing looks or feels like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the game.

Sound: 8 - Nothing amazing, but everything is as it should be, and the music doesn't get annoying, which is a big plus.

Violence: 10 - Of course a 10, you beat the crap out of someone till they're dead! I like the details (ie. slowly more blood on the face.)

Interactivity: 10 - Deep fighting system, pretty responsive controls, and good fun!

Humour: 4 - I don't think it's meant to be hilarious :P

Awesome stuff! YOU GET MY FIVE!!!

DJStatika responds:

Glad someone appreciates the depth of the fighting system. I was pleased with it

Another exallent game

nice game like the characters editor and the nice set of wepons


that game was extreamly good, the best game ive played for a while
the only thing is that it was a bit cheesy using the romanio-britain sign (a roman british flag used in roman times) as the button you press to play the game
and also when the next match loads you see a symbol type thing like the ones of the program 'LOST'
but they dont really matter, the game was exelent and your going into my favorite authors for this

Love it...

I do Chinese martial arts (wing chun and some southern praying mantis) and it looks kinda like it. Love it! =P.

glitch i noticed

when you create a character after unlocking the 4 new characters, they get deleted after you enter a battle and are replaced with one of the new characters.