Reviews for "Dragon Fist 3"

one of the best gamses ive ever play

My FIRST Ever Played Fighting Game On Newgrounds. ;l

I Acutally Know The Tiger Style And Mantis. Also, EPIC. 5/5

Overall, the game was good, I'll give you respect for that. But, some of the major pet peeves that I had were:
No real amount of women in the entire roster. Sure, there were like..four or five, but compare that to the other twenty five or so men.
When I entered the letters "T" "A" and "O", the game went back to the main menu, and I saw that everything was unlocked. That really ruins the purpose of a "game", to work your way through while having fun.
I found that when I entered "High Priest" as a name for one of my Characters, that character could mimic the High Priest in the Disciple difficulty, and do all of the moves.
When I tried to make a character, play as him, then go back and make changes, it was either a Master of Death, Dragon Soldier, Twin, or Supreme Ninja. I understand how that works, with the un-unlockable clothes/armor/masks, but, if you're going to do that, at least include the Dragon Guard, Dragon Master, and the Yellow Supreme Ninja with that fast one.
The weapon movements were awful, some more than others. In example, the Dual Swords. You could hold down T and completely spam. If you make an online version of this, or at least, a fourth, remove the Dual Swords. The Shaolin Spade felt as it if were the Kwon Dao and the Staff combined with a really sharp shovel. The elephant fighting Style, while we're on the subject of character and weapon flaws, was completely uncoordinated. I went up against the Beginner Story Mode, and lost on round 1. Against Li Mu Bai while using Ting.
What bothered me the most, well, second to the most, was the "Bonus Characters". They were only CAFs from the 1 V 2 battles. If they were REALLY worth playing through 35 fights for, at least make them the pair, instead of just one. Like....the second person in the pair was AI.
What REALLY irked me, tore my brains apart, was the fact that the game lagged after a certain Special Move, i.e. Phoenix Kicks. Deadly Dragon Fist did not lag, gladly, along with Ninja Star and Lightning Kick.

On a lighter note, the character creation was really fun, even if it....failed to bring what it promised. Like, changing the color of skin and edges of the clothes. The possibilities were endless...more or less.
One of my example characters, who refused to be named, LOL, is like this:
Hair: 34
Eyes: 14
Moustache to Body Color: 1
Body Decoration: 13
Arm Color: 1
Leg Color: 5
Weapon: Double Broadsword, style 2. (I noticed no one had a double of Miu Tsui Fa's broadsword, BTW :s)
Fighting Style: Wu Tang (Small Yin Yang surrounded by lines in black or grey background) or Yin Yang (Green Background)
Gravity: 3
Agressiveness: 25

Please, Ben Olding (DJStatika), take my advice, and tweak the game a little bit, just to smooth out the hacks and cheats in it, or at least follow along what I posted here. Thank you

~ Tai Jin Senpai ~

P.S. Yes, I am a femme gamer. That is why the lone five women in the game was the first thing I commented about.

Cheats: TAO in the main menu gives you everything.
High Priest as a character's name, and you can do all the power moves.

great game.....i want more