Reviews for "Dragon Fist 3"

Absolutely amazing

Graphics 10 { Blood appears when health goes down,}
Moves 10 {Many opponents with a own special move}
GamePlay 8 {Dunno why but when my opponent makes special moves my pc pause
and when I go back to game,I'm down in the ground[lol]}

Total Rating 9.5


Awesome. Completely awesome. The kung fu is excellent clearly you did a fair amount of research, there are very nice graphics, an excellent choice of weapons, nice special moves, good sound, good music, and general awesomeness.
The only thing I don't like about it is that it runs slowly on virtually any computer, and you can't save your progress in Single Player mode. Also, the gradients on the katana are a little brutal, to the point of giving the illusion that it's bent. If you fixed these things this would be the best Flash game in existence! Love it! Awesome awesome awesome! Woohoo!


Hehe. Attention: Google Ben Olding Games Forum to join his forum and discuss his games, and maybe even beta test the next Starfighter! You can also meet Ben and a whole plethora of his fans, like me!

Best Fighting game. Ever

read above.


honest the best fighting game on newgrounds.but the enemies could be a little easier.more space for custom characters and maybe somehow you could make it go faster because when i use a special attack it pauses for about 7 seconds