Reviews for "Dragon Fist 3"

fun game when you first look at it you all like ew and then whnen you play it your like WHOA KICK YO YO FACE ASSHOLE so funbut can you make brucelee 1 inch punch longer

I found this to be a pretty good game. Dang, watching "Fight Club" forever changed my view on fighting. Good thing I know the computer isn't part of my imagination. Anyway, I thought this was weighed down by the graphics. They could have been better. I still appreciate this for being a good playthrough game.

Come to think of it, I seem to see view fighting games here that have graphics that are that good. I suppose on flash sites, we might not call it graphics. I liked how I had good mobility. This isn't in a single collection? It's certainly noteworthy to be featured.

beat me imma kill all of ya

cool game. :3 mabeh the BEST GAME! I ever played.

I've played this god knows how long. really addictive.
for more fun, name a character "High Priest". this way you can use all specials like the high priest