Reviews for "Santa Fartypants"


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good enought for me

it was very funny to do that as a PLAN B.LOL. congratulations,it has amazing graphics and sound.but,next time try to make it longer.it has only one level and its very short for me i think.please write to me and put this review as helpful! LOL c you around.


as soon as i started playing, it was funny. the bad thing is that it lagged alot. it might have just been my computer though. good job!

Interesting Concept

Someone complained that control doesn't work but it does, you just have to stand beside the chimney, not overlapping.
It was fun, but those pesky snowmen always shot me down! To bad santa didn't have a blow dryer in his hand *gay wink*

Matmi responds:

at last someone with a brain.

Nice one

I always like the notion of "farty pants". I guess it might not be what I'm really thinking of, but they're still funny. I had a bit of a lack of control, with the, uh, CTRL button, how ironic. I notice that that button's rarely used in games here or really anywhere else. I appreciate the decent graphics. From the intro, I had no idea farts would be involved.

I really don't want to know if brussel sprouts give you gas. He's Santa, he's magic, that's all. I really did have fun with the mobility. You can get around better than you would imagine. The snowmen don't bug you that much.