Reviews for "Santa Fartypants"

yah there's a bug

Also if you push tab, you'll notice this guy put an ad into the game. In the background there is a sign you can click on that goes to some web page. Interesting

I couldn't put the gifts in the chimney, ctrl didn't work.

ctrl not working

i was havin the same trouble as the last review. i couldn't get the presents to go in the chimneys do u have to be standing in front or floating ova them?or is it just a bug involving the ctrl button?

Seemed like a good game.

There was one major problem I had with the game. I could never get santa to deliver a present. I read the instructions but just didn't seem to work.


as soon as i started playing, it was funny. the bad thing is that it lagged alot. it might have just been my computer though. good job!

really good

it was really good with the plan b and the fart pant but it should be longer: more levels,more ennemis and all the stuff.... but i enjoyed it a lot!!