Reviews for "Santa Fartypants"

well the game was good until...

my firewall detected it downloding things to my computer.
it also tried to open two pop ups.

Matmi responds:

dogmaster, what are you talking about. you been easting too much cheese?

I agree with the previous reviewer.

This game is pretty immature, and the constrols are horrible. I couldn't do anything except move left and right, so something is wrong.
I'll give you 6/10 because it had very good design.

DWuk is a knob

Methane gas helps diffuse the chlorine radicals which are destroying the Ozone layer so STFU.

The game was ok, Didn't work on my computer though (couldn't drop any presents). I'm using a laptop so you'll need to change the keycodes.


For me the repetitiveness overwhelmed the fart-gag, which I found funny during the pre-game trailer but found a bit boring after a while; along with the music which felt too much like I was Christmas shopping, over and over and over and over..

And I just thought you should know, methane isn't "eco-friendly", it's a massive contributor to the greenhouse effect. The biggest, infact. Which takes me on to a whole other argument about what we're doing to the planet and how minimal it is. Blah blah blah. Fart away.

Matmi responds:

call the green police. oh my god, what have we done?

Interesting Concept

Someone complained that control doesn't work but it does, you just have to stand beside the chimney, not overlapping.
It was fun, but those pesky snowmen always shot me down! To bad santa didn't have a blow dryer in his hand *gay wink*

Matmi responds:

at last someone with a brain.

Nice one