Reviews for "My Clay House Episode03"

Good this was great

I really loved this. You addition of storyline and explanation of the anarchy factions really helped to build on the war that is building in the Clay house. It would be really funny if for some reason all of the factions were united against Bob but I hope you have better ideas than I can suggest. Nice work. I may be updating my own recent flash game WhAcK A MoUsE to also include a claymation about why I would ever want to whack my cute clay mouse.

Congrats on your continual improvement!

Phill64 responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, you wouldn't believe how many deleted scenes and batteries i killed on this one.

I've been waiting for someone to ask/comment about a war ;) And i'm glad you find my episodes to be improving on themselves.

HAHA encore encore *CLAPS!!*

OMG...this takes you back to the old Gumby dayz. It was an awesome flash and hopes there is an Episode 4!!!

Phill64 responds:

thank you!
You bet there's an episode 4, I've already started working on it :)

Dude, this was awesome.

Keep it up, this is becoming my new favorite series.

Again? Yes!

Yet another awesome episode! fight scenes are getting better, dialogue and plot is still hilarious. Nice music.


Very good

This could well be the best of the three so far. There's not a great deal of plot, but the action sequences are brilliant. Hope to see more of your work

Phill64 responds:

Thanks alot! practice makes perfect hey! and thanks for following my episodes. It was my intention to make this one more action than story but i will try to improve my plots :)