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Reviews for "Christmas Visitor"

Pretty good

Good style of graphics there, good sound...
One thing, was the Scythe tied to Deaths back or something? I used death & his scythe in my christmas flash too, but thats not important.
Good flash. And nice to see a Red Dwarf reference.

all good

OMG OMG that so nice and so funny. nobody can know the ending befor lol good job


That cracked me up!! hahah keep it up good ol' edd! Love the ending hahaha


LMAO! Great job. I loved this. You continue to awe me edd :)

great job again, edd

you make quality fbf/tween flash movies in such a short amount of time and pull them off so well ):

i am such a boinking perfectionist that i barely submit anything, lucky you and your TALENT.

Well, keep up the good work, i hope to see more animations by you my friend, ADIOS.