Reviews for "Girl's fight"

Random, but funny. I liked it.

That was about as random as most of the people I know, but I was great animation and hilarious. Great job, love the rest of your work also. Kudos!

I think that

after viewing some of your movies, I think you have great talent for animating, but you realy suck at picking sounds and musics ! You should ask someone to do it for you, your movies will be way better

really clean animation

it was almost like watching TV
i really liked the animation in this, it was really smooth most of the time and idunno it was just really sqeaky clean

I think you could have done better on the sound though, and maybe when you make this into a series or something have voice acting and subtitles, i think this has very good potential to become a good series =)


Attack of the UberLoli... totaly ^^

nice one

that was a pretty good animation. a little bit short overall, but very nice graphics, good audio, and some wicked action in this one... and i mean some wicked action in this one. it was pretty intense in some spots and it made for some very good entertainment.
good work.