Reviews for "Ohmygodimonfire!"

Great job!!

This was very funny and now right now as i type i'm getting the song. This was really funny i liked the vid too!

I love this song

I love the video too and i love it Logan would be proud (RIP)

PS i love the part where he ois "Stopping dropping rolling too" and he flips around i laughed for minutes after that

No Joke.

You're on fire and putting you out would be a waste of talent.

the video exemplifies greatness

this is one of the funniest videos i have seen in a long time. the animation was really good, and the song was catchy as hell. if i had an ipod this would definitely go on as one of the top videos. i found it especially funny how the goth kid looked like the guy on fire just with burned hair. also, the rhyme scheme was great, and i was laughing the whole way through. i highly recommend this to anyone with even a slight sense of humor or even anyone who understands the english language in general


you drew the people nicly, scratch that great, and the reporter was hot...