Reviews for "Boy Little & Smiling Box"




I watched this long ago and jsut watched it again and Its so funny....
I still dont realy get it...
but i still think its realy funny....

I say 5!

I loved it.

I liked the idea of such a simple character becoming a complex disturbing crab like beast. Just overall well done.


Everytime Little Boy changed into the huge robot crab-like thing, I loled. I also loled when he stabbed the box and it squished. I loved it! Thanks for giving me a good laugh. This is a great flash. =) 10/10 5/5

i love it

wicked animation!! great drawings mate, love how an innocent little kid turns into that monster thing lol. great job dude!!!

NightShadowTWO responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Its my one purpose on Newgrounds u__u