Reviews for "Boy Little & Smiling Box"


I watched this long ago and jsut watched it again and Its so funny....
I still dont realy get it...
but i still think its realy funny....

I say 5!

Really cute n cool

Great animation, by any change does the little boy change into a Tyranid from the Warhammer series?

The head looks quite similar, just curious.

Overall a great little clip.

NightShadowTWO responds:

thanks. and nope, never heard o them Tyranids



Nice. Really Nice

A really nice movie. Cool graphics and stuff. I especially liked 'Killer Joe' played in the background. May i ask where you got the sound effects? I'm just curious.

NightShadowTWO responds:

as mentioned in the preloader, worms world party, star wars republic commando, red alert 2 and max payne 2

its ok...

i gave it a zero because it had no point and its like too short to make it on to the toons board thing but if you make a longer movie ill enjoy it alot more!