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Reviews for "Gene Gadget (Sonik & Sky)"

This has always been one of my favorite pieces from the Saturn/PC version of 3D Blast!
While I fell like there could be a little more in it, you definitely added some life to the piece! Good job!

@ SoulreaperX

Isnt Act 2 the Twinkle Park Original? In that case i have the MIDI i created if anyone wants to use it. And to be honest i actually didnt like Sonic 3d blast due to the constant camera angle. But the idea was good back then. Never truly beat it though V.V
@ DJ Sonik
I Really enjoyed this piece. After the intro it gave an underwater type theme from it.
The kick complemented the entire song, and thats a +. I loved the piano. What was the VST? I really could use it. If possible could you send me a link or something? The effects in the song was used very well, The only thing i have to say is extend it because when i was righting this review I went through this song nearly twice. Try having it a 5 minutes to make it not seem abrupt in the ending.

/-DJ Chaos-\

DreamEater responds:

Dude most definItely! sorry that I took so long to get to ya; i've been hella busy.
I'll pm a link to you now :D

Thanks for the review bro!
~Dj Sonik

Great new song dude!

i know i haven't been on in a while, but u know i gotta check up on my fav artist whenever i'm around. This track, in my opinion, does the Sonic 3d blast (Saturn Version) justice. Also, i had no idea anyone besides me even played the damn game anyway. one more thing. might i suggest the Panic Puppet theme for a remix? (Act 2, not act 1. i hated act 1.)

DreamEater responds:

Dude thanks so much! I haven't seen you on newgrounds much these days though D:
I hope everything's okay, and I can't wait to read your next review bro!

Thanks so much for the ongoing support brotha!
~Dj Sonik

Great Remix

Great remix, but I never played Saturn version of "Sonic 3d Blast".
But, something tells me, music on Saturn version is better, than Genesis version.
I hope, your remix will be accepted on Project 20 Collab. Good Luck!

DreamEater responds:

Hey thanks for the review Joker! I haven't heard from you in a dog's age haha.
Glad you're digging the new tunes bro, and this mix DID get accepted with 3 others :D there's a link to dl the whole album on the sonic paradox website!

~Dj Sonik


Glitchy chillaxin'-active (chillactive?) awesomeness. Also, what AyaNiikura said.

Also, sucker for pianos.

DreamEater responds:

Glad you dig it Atash, I Haven't heard from you in the longest bro!
Hope everything is gravy, and thanks for the review!

~Dj Sonik