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Reviews for "Blockhead: The Game"


Just wow...i was laughing the entire time lol


Best game on Newgrounds.


Although I didn't finish the game, I saw enough to realize that this was one of the most original games I've ever seen on Newgrounds...hell, most original I've seen anywhere. I have no idea who Blockhead is, but, I may look into it now. Either way, make a sequal. Great Job.

gr8 game

if i had more patience i would have proceeded to play it UNTIL i got to level 2 but...blockhead really is too much for me. kuddos to those who got further than level 1! Awesome game.

Blockhead is the block of all heads!

This game is fun as hell. Even better than the sonic flash. It's also funny how some many people can't beat it. Some people are just unskilled. The cutsences were again pure gold. My favorite line was "I can care if I want to..to..to to to...to to to". The mechanics, balanced and fun. I've played the game over and over just to destroy things. I love the music, seriously you need a grammy. Finally, it's Blockhead!

5 Meteor meater meals out of 5.

The-Swain responds:

Well, some people don't have as fast of computers as you or I :) Being able to get Blockhead somewhere is difficult if Flash is lagging like crazy. It's hard enough since Komix and I set the FPS so low.