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Reviews for "Blockhead: The Game"

Blockhead angers me

As an autistic/ADHD young adult, I can really relate to Blockhead sometimes. Not sure if that was your intention or not, but it feels good to be able to be stupid here!

it ain't hard, god damit, it's kinda easy for me

I admit that I'm not one for point and click adventures. This was still great! It's mostly because it's great to see the characters in this surrounding. It's exactly like the series. Well, you did also make the series. Blockhead seems to get anxious if I ignore him long enough.

I just love this big world you have. You can get a great clear shot of everything. It's great to learn more about their environments. Dang, Blockhead really can be annoying. No wonder his conscience is so grumpy.

That's hard but i like it