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Reviews for "A Random Generator"

this a crappy version

my brother has submited a REAL random word generator that makes real random words like dahuga or flabbingurd on ng and had a random sentence maker on his old website. This is no fun, mabye make it more weirder and unexpected words or sentences to come up like, I like to murder turtle babies... who wants to read
"the monkey ate the monkey"

Make it better! (*.*)

The Sky took the Baby!

This was okay, but the sentance part is what got this a 6. The letters were lame. So in closing, The Child had fun with the Stool!

Pretty cool- but then again...

The random sentences part was pretty cool but the random letters part was useless. Overall nice but could have used some better graphics and the music sucked ass.

A random sentence...

This Game Was Rushed... how apt!! This could have been good but the interface and style really let it down. A good idea, but looks poor. Sorry, but keep working at it!


"The apple pissed on the banana". Lol. Another one was "The retard punched the chainsaw... >.> But the most stupidest one was "The fat guy punched the sky..." Lol good job on this one! You should add more words and sentences to it. That'll be cool.