Reviews for "computer people"

I liked it alot.

Yeah , Inside the computer they love me becouse I take care of it as if it was my Newborn child (I don't sit all day long near it though).
Though inside the computer people don't love SOME people as my friend... Wich just kick and punches the computer when he does something wrong... Oh those poor little pixel made people :(

Anyway , AWESOME animation as a first, I hope Ill see more Compute Pixel people by you.


Fuck that ass bellow me giving this shit 4 out of 10 what an idiot. Sorry its 6am i havent slept im fucked up this movie was great You made us believe there are people in this computer lucky we arent insane keep it up great work mothefucker. Yay.

Great Song

I'm gonna crack my computer open right no just to see the hard working midgets, I will show them the love they deserve. Great job, the video went with the song very well. Cant get the song out of my head! Great job keep up trhe good work!

I thought i saw a toe last time i looked at my USB

This is an awesome song that is very, unusual, but non the less awesome. I really liked how the pixelated sprites fitted the song and i must say, My computer midget loves you. ^.^


Why this has a low rating (less than 4.XXXX) is bizzar it's great. Made me feel like i was tripping which is never a bad thing to happen when ya watch a movie :D