Reviews for "computer people"

It wasnt bad.

The little mouth saying the words was kind was kind of weird, but it wasn't bad.
Next time add a little more activity into it though. Through most of it they were just trying to find their 'love'?
That's how they work in your brain too.. Maybe?

Great Song

I'm gonna crack my computer open right no just to see the hard working midgets, I will show them the love they deserve. Great job, the video went with the song very well. Cant get the song out of my head! Great job keep up trhe good work!

Absolutely Wonderful!!!!

I give this submission is sweet,in fact this is in my favourites and guess what this artist is in my favourites this is a very sweet movie and cos i like this i will treasure this film and i just love this lovely film.


Words cannot truly express how beautiful this is. The music is very enjoyable, the flash is fun to watch, and it all just fits so well together it could make you get up and dance! This deserves a 10/10 and a 5/5! Keep up the good work, because you are a very talented person!

Wierd, but in a way.. cool.

That was... pretty wierd. But, it actually was cool. The music was probably the thing that saved it. But, it was.. strange. Say, do you have a brother by the name of Mathew? Same last name, just a question.