Reviews for "computer people"


this was so funny my friend thought it was awesome top marks

i love you too computer people

This actually randomly popped up out of nowhere and started playing on newgrounds... no kidding, it was the cooles tthing to happen of all time.

relly good

make a game about computer people.i like when the computer person starts switching collers its relly cool

This..is one of the best flash's ever

This, is an excellent piece of work you have here.
Graphics, music, plot, and, just how it's put together.
It's a masterpiece.

I normally have a habit of banging on the side of my computer to try to get it working again when it's lagging up, but..this..! THIS IS EXCELLENCE! *hugs CPU tower*

Yes, Sparta reference, but I'm serious.
Also, wall of text is a wall >_>
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


that was funny omfgijfc