Reviews for "PW: Inspired Justice"

I started laughing continuosly after the first

Good points
1.Most of them were hysterical, and they were fired at such rapid succession, i was being bombarded with famous quotes. I will never forget these quotes.

"This is where Jean and me get in a heated debate. I like them when they're really big. (And i like them when they're enomous!)

"Do you suck dicks?!" (From Full metal jacket)


"The one where he turned into a woman"

Bad points
1. First one was boring, and some people may close it before they see the funny stuff
2. Not much animation involved
3. All the audio was ripped from other sources
4. The pheonix wright thing is getting overused.

Verdict= While the bad points outnumber the good, the insanly funny diolouge will keep me comeing back . This will make front page, and i faved it.

Sunrie responds:

Thank you for the review.

I tried to find quotes that haven't been used before, and I'm glad that there are so many that are available.

I was a little afraid of cutting the first scene down, because I wasn't sure how many people would have understood the quote, but I may simply reupload it with the scene cut down (Hurray for run on sentences!)

Hope it ends up getting on the front page, but I'm not sure. Keep spreading the word.

Very Very good

that was great, just great keep it up....

Sunrie responds:

Much appreciated. There are about five other scenes that did not make it into this one, but if I receive a lot of positive feedback, I will create another one and add those in.

Not half bad

not bad for another PW flash, the syn was perfect, and the audio was just as good so yeah, keep it up

Sunrie responds:

I greatly appreciate the compliments. I'm rather anal when it comes to synching the lips and making sure that the sprites don't bounce around. It's maddening to me otherwise.