Reviews for "PW: Inspired Justice"

I like it.

I did.
Favourite bits were the hamster song and the muppets.

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, when I reviewed those scenes I actually started laughing pretty hard. Making them is one thing, but seeing the final product is another.


Short sweet and it has all the essence of low comedy humor that i love oh so much ^.^

Sunrie responds:

I'm so glad that we could help, hehe


You had some great ideas in this one! Original stuff that others havent used. You have to make more, your one of the best!
Keep it up!

Sunrie responds:

Well, it's looking like I'm going to be making another one. There are some scenes that I didn't use in this one and will in the next.

The next one will be even longer as well.

Pretty good

This one is definitely one of the better Phoenix Wrongs as of recent. I was kinda despairing for the Phoenix Wrong idea, considering how poor the most recent ones were, but this one definitely restored my faith! It was genuinely entertaining and very funny, well done mate!


Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. I put quite a bit of time into making sure that the synching was correct, the scenes were original, and the sprites didn't bounce around.

More than likely, I'll make another one.

nice one

that was a pretty sweet animation. all of the scenes in this one were pretty good. i liked the Anger Management, Full Metal Jacket and "Wyldfyre on MSN spazzing out" scenes the best in this one, but all 13 scenes in this one were pretty good.

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. All the feedback thus far has been rather positive, so more than likely there will be an Inspired Justice 2 sometime down the road.