Reviews for "PW: Inspired Justice"

RE: Faulkon

Excellent review. I recommend that viewers check "READ ALL REVIEWS" in order to view it.

I'm going to follow likewise with my own opinions.

1) The judge's exaggerated head movements: An interesting add-on. Was it your intention to make him look melodramatic?

2) O.o Wow... if she did that, my question is if she could play a tune with it there. Or for the sake of crude hilarity and historical-linguistically crude hilarity, play a tune on it using a fart (In several Indo-European languages in Europe, there is a word that means "to fart" which, in other Indo-European languages, means "to play the flute")


4) YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. Hilarious and inspiring.

5) *dies* Perfect characters.

6) The Kid should be the one saying the whole thing except the "WHEE-HA". Maybe (for the sake of ridiculousness) have Meekins do that? Von Karma's reaction is perfectly fitting.

7) Unnecessary and annoying.

8) Um... riiiiiiiight...

9) Interesting idea for Von Karma. Good.

10) *runs scared*

11) ... Bizarre. Not bad.

12) Right character for the lines.

13) What was she saying?

Sunrie responds:

Thank you for taking your time to write such a long review!

1.Yes it was. Tried to mimic the scene from the movie how the guy did his facial expressions.

2.Disturbing and funny...I have no idea *LOL*

3.Exactly, haha

4.Thank you very much!

5.Glad you think so as well

6.It was easier syncing Phoenix with that scene rather than anyone else

7.Added for a more "rapid fire" feeling

8.Oh come on, MC Chris is hilarious!

9.Decided to try something new and glad it worked

10.Hahah, lots of reactions to that song are like that

11.I was going for a, "WTF?!" when it showed Pearl, since it's one of the last people you'd expect.

12. Thank you very much

13.She is saying, "Remember, what the door mouse said!" The song is very drug related, inspired by the urban legand that "Through the Looking Glass" was based off of illicit substances. It isn't
All in all, thank you for the great review. Wyld and I do take good ideas and suggestions into account in animations, so keep them coming people.

Needs work, but not bad.

I'm just gonna go scene-by-scene here.

1) I don't even know what this is. I do think you overdid the judge's head movements a lot, though, so maybe understate that a bit.

2) Excellent use of April May (and doubly so of the guy in the visor), but I think her expression at the end doesn't match her words. She didn't sound angry, but rather more teasing-like.

3) Funny, but the character warping was kinda weird.

4) I like the joke behind this bit, and I do get it, but I think a little more explanation in the scene would help. Maybe splice in some words from a scene where a lawyer's losing a case (Liar Liar's a good one, and there's examples on Newgrounds of this already).

5) Hilarious scene, any changes would be immaterial.

6) Love the mouth sync here. von Karma at the end of it didn't quite match, but otherwise perfect.

7) I think you could've cut this scene out completely.

8) Love it, love it, love it.

9) Ditto. Maybe not have Gumshoe rise up into the scene but transition to him instead.

10) Rawk. Perfect.

11) It's a little...weird that Pearl was used for this scene, but I have to admit her expression is priceless.

12) The scene itself is funnier than the character doing it. Try to find a way to make the character enhance the scene rather than just perform it. Using someone else, like the old man or maybe even Phoenix himself in this case, would've been even funnier.

13) I like seeing someone use the classics, but I don't quite get the joke either.

Overall, needs improvement, but a good start.

Sunrie responds:

Not much needs improvement, what with the score and all, but thanks for taking the time for writing all of that.

pretty funny

I love Mc Chris. he rules

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, he's pretty funny and this was the best song of his to use

funny, very well done.

absolutly loved the hamster dance and Muppet parts.
this was one of the greatest ones ive seen!!
plz make more!!

Sunrie responds:

Haha, done and done. More than likely there is going to be a Inspired Justice 3.

Those two scenes happen to be my favorites as well.

A little too NSFW for my tastes.

And you made the judge look like he has Parkinson's. Not a good thing, if you have to decide the fates of tons of people a year.

Sunrie responds:

First off, what the fuck (how's that for NSFW?) are you doing on here when you are at work? You're supposed to be working, asshole. Stop fucking your employer.

Secondly, I thought the judge worked well given that it was from Willow and the High El'wyn moved like that in the scene. Oh well, though.