Reviews for "PW: Inspired Justice"

haha ok Just a note From me!

Since you guys liked it so much i put up the "Wyldfyre doing a jap song" on the audio portal! haha there you guys go!

...This is too damn many forms of awesome.

Seriously, this movie is one of the greatest Phoenix Wrong's i have ever seen. My favorites are the one's when: Phoenix, Gumshoe, and Aiga is humming some random song together; The part where Phoenix for... some... reason... turns into Mia randomly; Winston Payne shouting "DO YOU SUCK DICKS?!" And Edgey's expression after that is priceless, and, of course, where Cody Hackins rambles fake Japanese. Thank Wyldfyre from me for that. Also, Aiga Hoshiidake/Luke Atmey FTW.

Sunrie responds:

Thanks for the review. Be sure to check out the other installments here on Newgrounds that we have done.


This is incredibly funny. Especially the Anger Management skit and WyldFyre's skit. Tell him he is the best at making japanese up. Both skits were utterly hilarious, kudos to the both of ya.

Sunrie responds:

Thanks for the review and I'll be sure to let him know


I love this.

o.o Wicked.

I'll be doing mine in the format of Seadog-Driftwood.

(1) What's up with the judge's head? Maybe it's just because I've never seen Willow...

(2) Quite possibly the greatest line from any movie, ever. Also, Driftwood, what the f**k are you talking about?

(3) Whee, it's about time someone did that. ^_^

(4) XD!

(5) Absolutely perfect. I used to watch Dragnet, and yet I've never heard that. o.o Great, though.

(6) I'm amazed no one thought of that before you.

(7) One of the best movies ever, but you could have done more with the quotes from it. Otherwise, I laughed.

(8) MC Chris FTW


(10) o.o;;; *runs. Far away.*

(11) I love that movie and I love that part. Excellent.

(12) Great character, great freakout.



Overall: Probably one of the best so far. 5/5

Sunrie responds:

Thank you for taking the time for such a long review.

1. Yeah, the High Elwyn tends to jerk around a bit with strange expressions.

2. Haha, it was a toss up between that and two others.

3. Exactly man! No one else had done it yet and it was sitting on my external HD

4. :)

5. Oh, it's from the movie and not the series.

6. I actually downloaded that to annoy Wyldfyre *LOL*

7. Yeah, but that was my "rapid fire" part

8. Thank you

9. Excellent movie, glad we agree

10. I did a Dragonball Z AMV to that song, so I had to reuse it here, hehe

11. Personally, I had never seen it and found that quote on the Internet. It was really funny, so I used it.

12. Thank you!

13. And it has been fed, thank you.

Excellent! Thanks for the great review!

Right now we're working on the sequel to Captain R: The Game Ranger full time. It's very magical and MUCH better than the original.