Reviews for "PW: Inspired Justice"


super that fantastic for LOL and supern!!!
you get 10/10 and you get 5/5!!!

Sunrie responds:

Thanks! These are always fun to make


I had to watch it twice it was so screwed up but seriously hilarious only thing i didnt like was the size it was kind of small and the full metal jacket part would have been funnier if you keep going a little i think thats the same convo where the drill sargent has him strangle himself lol

Sunrie responds:

Hahah, damn straight!

Inspired Justice 3 has much larger viewing area. I wasn't sure how to make all the sprites the right size for each from of animation on a resize in this one, but I learned an used it in IJ3.

my only problem

...was that the fat nerd dude was singing Bitches! *shudder*
MSI rawks, but ya gotta admit, the mental imagery is fucked up.

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, isn't that one of the worst things to imagine? Funny thing is...it's kind of how a lot of people on the Internet really are, too!


You weirdo's XD. I will admit it was funny, I mean if you can get me to at least smirk...there's something wrong XD.

I kinda liked it...the animation could be smoother, but in a way that just adds to the quirkiness of the flash in general.

Heh...onto the others.

Sunrie responds:

This was my first attempt at the series and things ended up being much smoother in the other installments.

Glad to hear you at least smirked

That one phrase...

"This one time, at band camp" always priceless.

Sunrie responds:

It's a classic and wasn't done before I had done it, haha