Reviews for "PW: Inspired Justice"


Intense and insanly funny! XD


This was great, Gumshoe really fits with the muppets thing :D and MSI? That's a first ^-^

Sunrie responds:

Haha, yeah, he's kind of a douche


First I taught this would be boring , but now I saw it , it's excellent , really great job and really funny ! xD

Sunrie responds:

I'm very glad I could change your mind and impress you

very nice

FINALLY 1 DOWN TEH LIST THAT ISNT BAD!!!!!!! like this is truely pheonix wrong cuz it inspired the randomness we all love!

Sunrie responds:

Haha, thank you. The randomness is part of the appeal these give

haha lol

great lol i really liked it i liked it as much as some random thing

Sunrie responds:

Part of the charm of these are the totally random nature