Reviews for "==(Perfect Morning)=="


great track but I would like the drums to be more rocky then it would be epic

So Sexy

Hey baby.....why don't you sit back and relax...

This song is so freaking chill dude + you got Soro to collab with you.
Automatic awesomeness :D

I really like the thin "silly" synths that you also implemented in Absentminded.
Transition to Soro's part was also very interesting, I didn't see it coming

Overall, sexiest track I've heard in a while.

5/5 10/10 +Fav +Download

What the????

This song seems so familiar for some reason I don't know why but it feels like I heard this before. Like some jazz song back in the '80s. Seems really wierd that I know something like that to. Did u get inspired into making this song or not? Although this is a real nice song. Makes u feel laid back and calms u down. Nice work dude.





At 0:20 of the song something passed in my mind... "This is gonna be awesome".
Now, at 5:00, something is passing in my mind again and it says "damn it was awesome".
Every single piece of note on every single instrument makes one of the most perfect things I have found on a very long time.
Thank you for this.