Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"


FUCKING AMAZING..... seriously.

10's across the board.

check your damn pmz.

haha Just fantastic

hahaha your soldiers of blam was freakin hilarious, Blam Blam!! but when that stupid falsh goes through, its just simpel -_-haha wonderful flash. sound GOOOd. graphics. GOOOOOD. Style. GOOOOOOOOOOOOD. And the rest its pretty obvious :-p

fuck those guys

they wouldnt know funny if it slammed them in the ass....and it probably has and they never figured it out...keep it up von brunk and add me to the battle lines.


I've like'd all youe film's

Great Representation!

I loved it personaly and the Manowar song was a perfect fit. And for the reviewer below me, "Castlevania gothic metal"? Learn your genres.