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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

Wow, great musc video.

>This vidoe is the kind of thing you can literally lose yourself in as yu watch all the strange images pass by. Thought I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what the plot of lost is, I think I picked it up on the way.

>One thing though, I noticed that there was random sfuff that shows up for a frame, like that 2 that shows up near the boat? Is that subliminal advertising or something or something for random people to find?


CapnBob responds:

Who says it's random? ;)

Fantastic job, only true fans will get this

Awesome job, u captured all the major scene from the second season, even some i forgot about. A++ job on ur research

I FOUND A SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During certain parts of this video, one of the bad numbers will flash in red or white for maybe one second. I found two: a red 8 is on the cliff when Micheal's head is on there and I found a white 8 when that guy was playing Connect 8 in the crazy house. How many can you find???

CapnBob responds:

Ah, you commented on the colors... Nobody else has mentioned the color of the numbers. Perhaps those may be important somehow...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Awesome, I love the style of animation. A lot better than what you did with the last one.


I love the ending!