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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

Loved it!

Still laughing of the Monty Python ending! Nicely done!

CapnBob responds:

When I saw the giant foot in the show, I just HAD to do it. There was no choice!


Hey if you want some cool stuff... he he no I kid. This vid is amazing! You've recreated all the scenes perfectly with the same touch of humor from the previous Lost Rhapsody. Hope you do one for season three.


Great job! Nice Monty Python touch at the end.

CapnBob responds:

Thank you!


its amazining every time it started sucking something happened that made me laugh my ass off!

I liked it a lot ...

It was very well done, the syncing to the music was better than a lot of things here on Newgrounds. Plus, I can't get over the hilarious use of this song in this way.

I loved that PWNED thing too, lol.