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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"


This is nothing short of "fucking batshit awesome"! As far as I know, it must have taken you quite a looong time, as some things couldn't have been traced, or bitmap traced...

Only 3.76? This deserves a spot in the Top 50!

CapnBob responds:

4 months! And I have a fulltime job, so this was all of my spare time. The hand-traced bits actually take a lot longer than the stuff I drew freehand, but I was concerned that people might not recognize the scene if I didn't base as much as I could off the original picture. Eventually I want to go back and manually replace the autotraced pics.


hilarious keep it up XD

also can J-kamikaze and his boyfriend stop writing chain letters for attention, just stick to p*ss and fart jokes whilst giggling like pre-pubescent girls, sorry if there is any mispelling too busy watching the animation again. :D


dude, those are amazing graphics. Anyway- That was cool, and pretty funny.

You submitted this on my 18th birthday

Very good and it was quite funny. But i'm surprised that this was submitted on my birthday.

Another LOSties's must watch on NG.

If you're not a real Lostie and had watched this video, SHUT UP.