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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

Now THAT... was funny.

Being a fan of LOST, I found this down-right hilarious. Some people take this parody way too seriously and need a dose of chill pills, some water, and a nap. I don't see how this could be worth flaming. Excellent animation -- not a style I see too often here, let alone anywhere else -- as it brought to life a lot of the characters. The music was perfect with the people. Gotta love to see Locke and Eko dancing to that! Also, very nice how you added the Black Monster, and also some scenes I wasn't able to view through the series... such as what happened to Claire when she was kidnapped.

All in all, a simply hilarious and well-put together parody/tribute to the greatest show on television, LOST. Hopefully we'll find out what the giant foot is all about... and a lot of other things.

--"Bowser_guy" now "Bowser-guy"

CapnBob responds:

Thanks! I have theories for almost everything that is happening on the show, but with the foot I am almost entirely clueless. My best guess is that it was built by time-travelling greek artisans using a future version of wikipedia as a reference. They wanted to make a statue in the style of the Colossus of Rhodes as a tribute to the greek poet Homer, but the future wikipedia directed them to an image of Homer Simpson.


It was awesome, I loved it. Keep up ur good work. Just 1 q, what is the song called?

CapnBob responds:

The Alternative Polka


Some of THE BEST animation ive ever seen on a flash movie! Im a great fan of the LOST series and i found this movie absolutely hilarious, great stuff!!! 10/10 thanks for making!!


Both of your Lost Rhapsodies are very creative! Love 'em! :-)

This was excellent!

The graphics were pretty amazing, and overall the lyrics fit so well with the show Lost (wich I love!) that it makes it even more funny. Please make one for Season 3!!