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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

Absolutely brilliant

When I watched this, I couldn't stop laughing. It embodies Lost. Great job.

Freaking Hilarious ^_^

Im a huge LOST fan, this has got to be the most funniest flash Ive ever seen to be related to it. I look forward to rolling on the floor in stitches after ive watched your next submissions! Nice work man.


Wow, this wasn't as good as 1 but you totally improved your graphics, I can't wait for season 3!!!

Not as good as the first...

the first one used one universal song and was just great. this one has some great songs but im sure not everyone will reconise all of them in the same way. Though the graphic you've put on top is outstandingly impressive but it doesn't make things as clear or memorable. Though it's still amazing!


I watched the first LOST Rhapsody and I must say that you have improved tremendously! This is spectacular work compared to the first.

btw, did you catch that "Lift up your head and look north" John 3:18 thing?

If you could share any theories you have I would appreciate it.

back to the animation- but anyways... I still can't get over how much you have improved! Are you planning to do a season 3 re-cap?

I don't there is going to be a season four considering most of the major mysteries are going to be solved by the end of season three.

keep up the good work