Reviews for "FB crosses the street"

only 1 problem

that wasnt a badger

fat hamster!

The epic battle was awsome, felt like i was in some action movie for a sec ;O.
anyway, it wasint the best flash ever, but it was alrite ^^ thats why i gave it 3 ;)



there was no need to tell that you made it, not fat badger, everyone who watched at least one of i
his "flash animations" would know that there is no way for FB to put into animation plot/humor/quality
anyway, fairly good flash but as for me just slightly above average(6) but thanks to that ending i give you 7 points overall
and of course, i forgot to tell you that choice of music is great

I cant believe it

I simply cannot believe I auctually watched a fat badger flash that had some sort of plot cohesion, it auctually made me laugh.
Please make more like this in the future, quality work is really more worthwhile to watch in my opinion.

That rocked my bunghole

Absolutely terrific.