Reviews for "FB crosses the street"

Really damned funny.

Fluid animation, epic story, great music. Definitely a winner. That rockin music during the fight scene though, whats it titled? (Should really put music credits somewhere at the end so it doesn't drive me crazy)

keicho responds:

The title is "Martial Arts" by Royal Hunt. Its a superb track, short and sweet.

Please TELL ME THE SONG Keicho

Please tell me the whistling song from the beginning !!!
I gotta have it. It is stuck in my head.
I love how spastic you made fat badger walk.
thank you ^_^

keicho responds:

its really hard to find it! the name is "As happy as Larry" I think.

Very nice flash

I liked the style and random conflict.

But i must ask, what was the song you used for the battle sequence?


OMG hilarrRrriouus, i would like to see more... of this fellow, Mr. Fat Badger, as you portray the bloke. Good work!


Uhh ohh! Some one get the duck tape cause I laughed my ass off! Yes that was good...