Reviews for "FB crosses the street"


^^Good Points^^
A very good movie from you FB. The graphics were much better than most of your movies. The shading was great, and you put so much detail in here, it was almost scary. Fat Badger has never looked fatter! I liked the music throughout, the changing music was cool and both songs fit well. The ending was perfect too. Diahrrea....terrible.

^^Needs Improving^^
Could definitely use some more sound effects in this. Basically the music was all that was in this movie.


I loved the chosen music above all, the style reminded me of Ren & Stimpy's fairy guy.

That was GREAT!

The graphics weren't superb, but that was freakin hilarious, the music change helped a lot too, really funny animation! More! More!

good job

this is probably the only decent short film i have seen all day


is there any other word to describe it!?